90’s Inspired Gifts For The Fashion Conscious Man

Buying gifts for fashion-conscious men can be a difficult task, so we are here to give you some inspiration! 90’s fashion is still very much in style, particularly in the world of streetwear. These items are so diverse, fashionable, and timeless, meaning you will buy a special gift that you know can get used out of year after year. Take a look at these 90’s classics and prepare to be inspired!

Classic White Trainers

Classic white trainers were a staple in the ’90s and continue to be today. There is something special about the nostalgia of 90’s trainers, adding a unique spin on any outfit. Buying trainers can be difficult, yet going for classic models is a simple route that will be very popular! Something like Nike Air Force is a true classic, as it is an accessible shoe for plenty of different customers, so you know that the person receiving the gift will love it. They have been consistently popular across the decades, with variations emerging featuring bright colors, pastels, and patterns. You could buy more personalized versions if you know their fashion sense well.

Full Tracksuits

Men’s full tracksuits dominated streetwear during the ’90s for both men and women. They were a clothing staple for any occasion, with pop culture influences being a significant part of the design. Bright colors, bold patterns, and oversized fits were a firm favorite across the decade. Bring this 90’s staple into the 2020s with a simpler version, making the perfect gift for lovers of 90’s fashion. Plain tracksuits in muted colors are far more contemporary than the colorful polyester 90’s styles. Plus, tracksuits are so diverse and can be mixed and matched with plenty of other things, so you know they will get plenty of use out of your gift.

Funky Shirt

When it comes to style trends from the ’90s, it doesn’t get much more classic than funky patterned shirts. In the ’90s, funky shirts were usually a combination of extremely bright colors and bold patterns, usually worn with loose-fitting jeans or jean shorts. The great thing about buying a funky shirt as a gift for someone is choosing something that reflects their personality really easily. You could go for more simple colors with an eye-catching pattern or a subtle pattern with bright colors.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are the ultimate 90’s streetwear accessory. They were popular in the ’90s all year round, offering fashion and functionality. The simple design means that they suit most people and go with almost every outfit. This might be a controversial choice, as although it suits most people, it’s not to everyone’s taste. However, if you know the recipient likes the style, a great present would be a bucket hat to add to their collection. Retro-looking bucket hats are trendy, which truly bring the 90’s back. Bucket hats continue to appear at fashion weeks worldwide, so it looks like they are here to stay!

Final Thoughts

For fashion-conscious men, 90’s inspired pieces are the perfect present. Buying someone’s clothes or accessories can be difficult; however, it’s extraordinary when you get it right. All of these items are classics, so it is hard to go wrong. Luckily, modern versions of these items allow you to personalize the gift to suit their style. When in doubt, 90’s streetwear fashion is the way forward for gifts!

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