Did RHOC’s Emily Simpson Undergo Medical Weight Loss to Get Her Bikini Bod?

Real Housewives of the OC (RHOC) star Emily Simpson is celebrating her new bikini bod as her posts on social media showed her rocking a light blue two-piece while on a family vacation. The swimsuit seems to be among the star’s favorite clothing items lately, as she was seen wearing the same bikini on two other occasions. Given this physical transformation and the recent slew of celebrities crediting weight loss drugs for similar results, many fans speculate that Simpson has similarly taken prescription medication to shed her excess pounds.

Credit: @rhoc_emilysimpson on Instagram

A reality star’s wellness journey

In a recent post she shared with her social media followers, Simpson detailed her struggle with weight loss while in her 40s. “Around age 42, I gained 40 pounds, and it wasn’t until now (age 47) that I was able to finally get it off and feel like my old self again,” she said in the caption.

Her latest weight loss transformation post comes months after she first talked about using Ozempic to aid in her weight loss efforts after a “nervous breakdown” over her appearance. Ozempic is an FDA-approved medication often used in medical weight loss programs. These programs are designed to induce weight loss under the supervision of a healthcare professional, typically a doctor. Unlike common programs that focus on diet and fitness to lose weight, these interventions frontload drugs that can address biological hurdles to weight loss. In Ozempic’s case, it mimics hunger-regulating hormones in the body, thereby making you feel full for longer. While Simpson has never disclosed being part of a formal medical weight loss program, she has been transparent about how the medication helped her “kickstart” her journey.

In addition to getting doses of Ozempic, Simpson also revealed that she had liposuction on her arms and a breast reduction procedure. While these did not necessarily help with her weight loss, they did play a part in giving her a more slender silhouette.

Simpson’s well-rounded routine

Unfortunately, her transparency and willingness to discuss the details of her successful body transformation has led to some backlash regarding her weight loss journey. Besides discrediting Simpson’s hard work, some comments on her social media page were focused on body shaming and attempts at bringing down her self-confidence. Simpson has responded to the “haters” in one of her posts, saying, “For the haters out there.. I love you too! You motivate me daily to lift harder and eat better.”

Similarly, as most articles focus on her use of Ozempic and cosmetic procedures, Simpson expressed disappointment over this and wants to be given more recognition for her personal efforts. Simpson specifically highlights her vigorous fitness routine, where she visits the gym seven days a week to maintain her slimmer and stronger body.

Weightlifting seems to be the star’s preferred fitness routine, which helps create a leaner and stronger appearance. After all, aside from a balanced diet, fitness activities are still proven to be primary factors in weight loss and overall health. Besides lifting weights, activities like yoga, pilates, cycling, or swimming can provide sustainable weight loss, to the point where clothing alterations may need to be done to accommodate the changes in your body. This is already evident in Simpson’s case, where recent paparazzi snaps show her having to style her clothes differently.

Overall, medical interventions for weight loss are fairly common, but they are not for everyone. They are also not replacements for healthy habits. This is why Simpson’s well-balanced approach of marrying Ozempic and cosmetic procedures with diet and exercise is effective. Anyone who believes otherwise can just look at her like-worthy beach pics.

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