Outfit Obsession: Billie Eilish’s Perfectly Distressed Sweater

Billie Eilish may don Gucci in movie campaigns and on the red carpet. Still, when she’s relaxing at home, she pretty much wears our most comfortable and relaxing winter outfit. At home, she dons a large-sized sweater, particularly the Fisherman Crewneck from The Greg Lauren brand.

This unisex knit sweater has an army shade color with a distressed neckline that may be just a tad out of your price range at $1,950. However, several things about Lauren’s brand are still worth celebrating.

For example, it recently started a Scrap work initiative. All the fabrics that aren’t used up are re-incorporated to make unique designs, resulting in the perfect repurposed, slightly edgy look.

Additionally, she wore an oatmeal-colored turtleneck under the sweater and styled it with her trademark Blohsh pendant necklace. In the picture, she hung casually off her banister, drawing attention to how comfortable the sweater makes her feel.

If it has caught your attention as much as it did ours, here are some more affordable options: ASOS Design Oversize Textured Sweater ($48), Source Unknown Cutout Cable-Knit Sweater ($135), Lovers + Friends Arlington Green Sweater ($158).

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