We Love This Rainbow Opal Nail Art

Is going through Instagram to search for nail-art inspiration your quarantine hobby? If so, here are some of the most fascinating manicures to hold your attention. First, let’s introduce you to rainbow-colored opal nails – a satiny, versatile design that is stunning and incredibly shiny.

Isabel May, a nail artist, content creator, and YouTuber, is the mastermind of this multi-dimensional nail art. Not surprisingly, the opal design was created “accidentally.” She discovered this while fooling around with several products without knowing what the outcome would be.

The nail art-making process is shockingly not as complicated as it seems, but it’s still quite intricate. May explained that she creates the design by putting two layers of nail foils on a colored gel base layer to give an iridescent look.

Nail foils can achieve several effects that cannot be done with hand painting. A bonus is that you can also use them on regular nail polish, making it perfect for experimenting at home.

You may not be able to get exact results without using the same professional products that May used. So while you may experiment at home, if you want the perfect look, you may need your nail technician.

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