Virtual Reality Beauty Testing: Chanel Lip Scanner Technology

The beauty industry is not a stranger to virtual reality, and it is quite a remarkable fusion. Virtual reality has always piqued the curiosity and interest of tech-savvy enthusiasts. The truth is that this digital improvement has been incredibly beneficial in transforming the traditional shopping experience.

Unsurprisingly, with the pandemic, customers have been moving online to get their beauty tips. The use of AI technology has now become popular in an attempt to make shopping online easier. In fact, several beauty retailers have experienced growth in their business because of the new AI try-on technology.

You can now rely on technology to choose your next hair color, scroll quickly through 30 eyeshadow colors in 30 seconds, or adjust a lipstick shade to your tone of preference.

Chanel has, however, moved the virtual try-on experience a step higher with its new Lipscanner technology. It’s the first AI scanner that can take images of lip color and find its match from the brand’s collection.

Chanel announced its newest technology on February 22. With this, lipstick shopping has never been more stress-free than with this new introduction.

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