5 Tips for Achy Feet on Long Schooldays

Working as a teacher can be highly exhausting both physically and mentally. You often spend the day either standing for long periods, walking, or moving heavy objects. That will undoubtedly have its effects on your body, particularly your feet, leaving them sore and achy. So, unless you can find a way to be carried everywhere, here are some easy and practicable methods of managing achy feet during, after, and before a long schoolday.

Wear the Right Shoes

If we are being honest, buying a pair of teacher shoes is not exactly the most exciting task. Many of us like to get a good enough pair without splurging, but you might want to reconsider when you factor in your long day at school.

When shopping for the right shoes for teaching, look out for these things: the perfect size with enough room to accommodate swelling, an easy-to-clean fabric, and laces – for adjustability. It is also advisable to get fitted for shoes when your feet are slightly bigger at the end of the day. Get two pairs too to give your shoes time to breathe!

Give Your Shoes Some Support

Sure, getting a new pair of shoes is a great way to walk the walk — pun intended. However, suppose you are willing to go the extra mile to see that your feet get all the help they need. In that case, you should consider additional items like special insoles for people on their feet for long hours, as well as steel toe caps and arch supports if you happen to do a lot of heavy lifting throughout the day. This can help with many uncomfortable conditions your feet are subjected to, including flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Make Compression Socks Your Best Friend

Socks are meant to do much more than keep your feet warm and dry this fall. Specialized socks like compression socks can improve many health conditions, and no, they are not just for older people or diabetic patients. Compression socks are designed to apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankle to improve the blood flow from your legs to your heart.

Working on your feet all day can cause your feet to swell as blood pools in them. These socks can become the long-awaited savior your feet have been waiting for.

Learn to Stretch

It can be tedious to remember to take a break when working intensely during a long shift. Still, foot fatigue is a condition you do not want to face frequently. Stop for a couple of minutes to give your feet a break. If you can, take off your shoes and stretch your feet, lightly massaging them to improve blood flow. Stretching and massaging is also great tip to reduce aching.

Soak Your Feet

At the end of your day at school, when you return home with tired and sore feet, make sure to kick your feet up and relax. Soak your feet in a warm foot bath with Epsom salt and add some essential oils if you’re feeling like it! It has tremendous effects in relieving swelling and inflammation.

We cannot guarantee an entirely ache-free hack to take away all your long shift woes. However, this is a great place to start, and your feet will thank you for it!

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